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David Cartago, D.D.S.  Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David CartagoDr. David Cartago has over 25 years of experience as a dentist. He graduated from Centro Escolar University Dental School in the Philippines and was a dental professor at the same university for a full decade. There, he was a tenured Professor in Dental Materials and Restorative Dentistry, was a Clinical Instructor, and also took lead in the university’s dental mission projects – where him and his students travelled to different parts of the country to administer dental care to the poor. After his stint in the academic world, he continued his studies at the University of California in Los Angeles Dental School. There, he focused on both restorative dentistry and also completed a continuum on performing the more extensive root canal treatments. Dr. Cartago is known to have the most gentle touch (just read the dozens of his online reviews!) and prides himself on the painless dentistry that so many of his patients are happy to receive. However, his true passion is in the kitchen. He loves to cook cuisine from all parts of the world and couples that passion with world travel. At home, he enjoys hanging out with his two sons, Ryder and Taylor, and working on his fitness with his wife and business partner, Charmaine.


Charmaine M. Kennedy, JD Founding Partner

Dr. David CartagoCharmaine is often referred to as Dr. C’s right hand woman. They are life and business partners. Her previous business experience and extensive academic background shapes much of the company’s current principles and protocols. At the practice, she is responsible for growth and expansion, patient retention, hiring staff and making sure that the office stays solvent, amidst an at times, challenging environment for small business. Charmaine spent a portion of her undergraduate studies at the prestigious Oxford University. She went on to earn a double bachelors degree in Politics and Philosophy from the University of San Francisco. After college, she earned a law degree from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Hastings School of Law. During that time, she was also a visiting student at Universite de Roma, Italy, where she completed courses in International Business Law. Her true passion, however, is being a mother and raising her two smart and vibrant little boys – Ryder & Taylor – and teaching them the values inherent in maximizing personal potential, holding compassion and showing gratitude - a combination, that she believes, leads to a balanced, healthy life.